PS 347 is a dual language school dedicated to bridging the Deaf and hearing communities in New York City. Our 3K through 8th grade students come from every borough in New York City.  Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Children of Deaf Adults (CODAs) all attend PS 347 to perfect their ASL and be taught a rigorous curriculum.  We offer the LEAST RESTRICTIVE environment for Deaf students in the New York City Department of Education.


The mission of PS 347 is to provide a joyful learning environment that celebrates education, growth and difference of each of each and every student.  An engaging and rigorous curriculum is offered in ASL and Standard English, and supported in small classes that provide children the opportunity to achieve their personal best.  Our staff is committed to inspiring and encouraging curiosity, empathy, and social awareness by developing higher level thinking skills and exploring real world issues that extend into the community.  By fostering a partnership with families, we can support individual student goals to enable each child to become an independent and responsible life long learner, preparing for success in the journey to higher education.